Welcome to the Wild Rockies InfoNet Archives!

Here you will find an eclectic assortment of resources created by a community of environmental activists over the last 30 years. This is not your ordinary collection of memorabilia. It represents the hard work of dozens of people committed to the intrinsic values of wilderness and biodiversity! So dive in and see what all we have to offer.

This collection may grow over time as resources are discovered in the dark recesses of the internet, on the shelves of purveyors of prime propaganda, or in cardboard boxes in dank and dusty basements. And now that statutes of limitation have expired, let us present:


The Wild Rockies Review

A collection of 26 Newsletters chronicling their rants and raves


The Velcro Sheep

A zany, yet necessary musical backdrop to the era.


Protecting Your Public Lands

The Truth about Salvage Logging and "Forest Health"

"1/25/97 -- Our final salvage report on Lawless Logging in the Northern Rockies has been released!!" A report from The Ecology Center about salvage logging in the 90's, including awesome reports, posters, and information to impress your friends with, as you prepare (or not) to deal with the onslaught of salvage logging the Forest Service and other public land management agencies are readying, stemming from the fires of 2017.


A Road Ripper's Guide to the National Forest

Keith Hammer's 1990 seminal guide for closing National Forest Roads.