Protecting Your Public Lands

The Truth about Salvage Logging
and "Forest Health"

1/25/97-- Our final salvage report on
Lawless Logging in the Northern Rockies has been released!!

The following three pdf's summarize our findings on the effects and controversey surrounding the Timber Salvage Rider of the 104th Congress.

"Logging Without Laws," an eight page report (330k pdf) summarizing our findings. This report includes: quotes from major newspapers, foresters, agency officials, and field workers; facts and figures displaying the abuses; graphs; and photos. This report also contains a two page insert (400k pdf) that graphically outlines the problem. Included in the package is a 17 x 22 color poster (2MB pdf) showing the locations and names of most of the salvage sales in the northern rockies.
This presentation has been produced to provide information to concerned citizens, the media, and decision-makers regarding threats to the public lands of the Northern Rockies. Please feel free to use this information and redistribute it. Most of this information also is available as a portable document file (143k pdf) that you can download and printout. Not sure how to use pdf's? Then check out Adobe and download their free Acrobat Reader.

Threats include land management activities that:

This information packet provides evidence that in the name of "Forest Health" and Salvage Logging the ecologic and economic integrity of your public lands are being sacrificed and your right to do anything has been revoked.

This report includes specific information regarding the ecological, economic, and social implications of the "forest health" myth and the salvage logging rider signed into law last July by President Clinton.

So let's get started with a little Background on Salvage Logging! Following this link will take you on a guided tour of this salvage travesty. Or if you prefer, you can just check out the following index, and go where you want.

The Truth about Salvage Logging and "Forest Health."