Barking Spider Studios Hamilton, Montana

Kirby Erickson, engineer

Mixing, mastering & additional recording

The Recording Center Missoula, Montana

Richard H. Kuschel, engineer


Kirby Erickson & Velcro Sheep

Cover art

John Zelazny


Douglas R. Day & Mark Alan Wilson

Jacket Design

Velcro Sheep

I was approached by "the Sheep" to record a demo tape in my small analog studio in rural Montana. A week or so later the band showed up on a warm and sunny autumn day, ready to record. After the first long session (and a couple of jugs of my home-made "scrumpy" hard cider), I became a big fan of the Velcro Sheep. The tracks were recorded with two mikes, all acoustic and few over-dubs. We took the base tracks to a studio in Missoula for mixing and mastering and applied some equalization and minimal effects, intentionally staying to the basic essence. It turned out so good I recommended going to CD. What you hear is what you get with the Velcro Sheep. It was a hell-of-a-good time.

--Kirby Erickson

Inspiration by Steve Leash and Greg Bechle.

Dedicated to Schmuel, Allison, Becky Tipler and Mike "Mr. On the Lam" Cherin.

Thanks to Paul, Rasim, Cole, Pam, Su, Willow, Vicky, Jake, Tom, Randy, J.J., Roselle, and the Ecology Center.

copyright 1998 velcro sheep
published by Out to Pasture Music Publishing llp